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We have moved to:

(From 28/04/2011.)

Platinum auto centre

Unit F1

Spencer park

Greasbrough street


S60 1RF

It's 20 minutes drive from Sheffield garage. 15 minutes if there no trafic on Parkway J33. Turn left towards Rotherham city centre and keep straigth till you find us. Very easy to find.

Spencer park,
Greasbrough street,
Rotherham, s60 1rf


...Whether you are having your automobile, home or business tinted, a knowledgeable and experienced person ensures you a quality installation.

 We use Window Films that block scorching heat, reduce damaging fading, improve comfort, increase safety,  controls annoying glare and most important is gives privacy.


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   A generous use of glass invites light, views, and sky inside - enhancing the beauty of your home like nothing else. A variety of appealing windows are used by architects and designers to give us the bright, open feeling so popular in nowadays living spaces. Bays, sky lights, French panes, and glass expances are beautiful and add much to our enjoyment of a room.

   Unfortunately, problems come with pleasure. The same sun that brightens the home also exposes your interior furnishings to damaging ultraviolet light and heat - contributing to the fading of carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and finishes.

   Solar heat increases the temperature inside your house, resulting in higher costs for air conditioning. There is an easy, cost-effective solution - window treatments from QuickTint. Permanently applied to the inside surface of your windows, this “transparent insulation” allows light to pass through while reducing harmful ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it significantly reduces solar heat. WE CAN REDUCE YOUR UTILITY BILLS BY A THIRD WITH OUR FILMS. You’ll get the protection you need, without sacrificing your view or needlessly wasting energy.


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